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D-PES will open to the world March 6, 7, 8, and 9, in Guangzhou

FLAAR was the first wide-format news agency to notice the first year of D-PES, in Dongguan (about five years ago). Our news about D-PES in Dongguan led to many people coming there, especially the next years.

Dr Nicholas was a guest at the opening ceremony for several years as well.

Then many things changed in 2013 and 2014. We kept attending none the less.

Now, for 2015, even more has changed throughout the entire exhibition industry, especially in Guangzhou and in Shanghai. But D-PES is still in Guangzhou, and still in their March date.

FLAAR Reports is understandably curious to see the dramatic changes in the content and focus of D-PES, now that it has moved more into LED Displays. So Dr Nicholas and at least three of the team will attend D-PES in Guangzhou.

Sign Istanbul 2014

SGI Dubai (Sign Middle East Dubai) opens Jan 11th and will run through January 13th at The Dubai World Trade Center.

Posted Dec. 12, 2014

Sign & Graphic Imaging Middle East is the largest printer trade show in this part of the world. I have been attending this expo since 2013 and it looks like every year the expo is getting bigger and bigger, at such level that during 2015 three members of the FLAAR Reports will attend the trade show to cover all the topics in the show.

Nicholas Hellmuth, María Reneé Ayau and Pablo Martinez will arrive to Dubai after over 24 hours of flights to attend this major expo at the Dubai World Trade Center and also to attend the Enthralogy Sign Middle East Awards 2015. (January 10, at JW Marriott Marquis hotel, Dubai, UAE and January 11, 2015 Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE) (

FLAAR will make a list of every UV-cured printer, textile printer, T-shirt printer, latex printers, inkjet ink companies and media & substrates.
Their web site is

SGI Dubai 2015


December 3, 2014

By visiting DEAL 2014 expo in Dubai earlier this year, and IAAPA 2014 in Orlando in November, FLAAR Reports has opened a additional (new) applications area (for digital imaging and thus printable material)

We continue the worldwide research for new (and more) applications for printable material. Plus most of the products in the world of theme parts are very three dimensional.

You can receive one, two, three or ALL FOUR of these new reports on IAAPA just by clicking on the SUBSCRIBE button and acknowledging that you wish us to send you these (plus you will continue to get reports (on signage and wide-format printers) all year long during 2015.

Media and Subtraces
Inkjet Ink 3rd-party, After-Market Inks
Inkjet Inks
Wide Format Textile Printers

Sign Istanbul grows again

Updated Sept. 11, 2014
Posted Aug. 1, 2014

We have enjoyed attending Sign Istanbul for many years. Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular are friendly hospitable places to visit. The historical architecture alone is worth the visit.

But what we also enjoy is meeting all our friends and colleagues at Sign Istanbul. Last year the expo did well despite increased competition. This year they cleverly changed dates (so less cold also). The change in dates will result in increased attendance.

Already major brands are making it clear that they fully realize that for this part of the world, Sign Istanbul is the tradition, and is still very much the leader.

We attend Photokina after Istanbul, then Tecnargilla (a ceramics expo). So a busy autumn.

We hope to see you at Sign Istanbul. The first day here we found more textile printers and more textile ink options, and more textile print samples than ISA and GraphExpo in USA both put together (in other words, Sign Istanbul is a major expo).


Sign Istanbul 2014

Giant wide-format Printer Expo was in July in 2014 but will be in March for 2015

Most recently updated Jan. 20, 2015. Previously updated Apr. 28, 2014
First Posted April 3, 2014.

400% more wide-format inkjet printers than Drupa. Umteen times more wide-format inkjet media brands than other printer expos.
And, APPPEXPO signage and advertising trade show has been every July in beautiful Shanghai. But for 2015 APPPEXPO is in March (still in Shanghai).

6 of us from FLAAR Reports will be flying to Shanghai to attend this expo, 11, 12, 13, and 14 March. To get an attendee pass, sign up and register here:

Below are the new FLAAR Reports related with "what to expect" at APPPEXPO 2014. These will give you an idea of what to expect at APPPEXPO 2015.

If you need our reports in spanish or russian please visit this site.

FLAAR Reports attended ISA International Sign Expo in Orlando

Updated Apr. 21, 2014
First posted Dec. 13, 2013

FLAAR will be issuing at least ten reports on ISA 2014.

  • Distributor List for North AmericaInk wide-format brands
  • Textile Printers & textile inks
  • T-Shirt printers + Discussion of All Ink & Toner Pros & Cons
  • After-market Inks: Brands and Distributors
  • Media & Subsrates: Brands and Distributors
  • UV-Cured Inkjet Printer TRENDs: wide-format and grand format
  • Mid-Sized and Desktop Size Flatbed UV-cured Printers.
  • CNC routers, XY flatbed digital cutters, CO2 laser engravers
  • Memjet MEMS printhead technology (especially wide-format)
  • Latex printers (HP, Mimaki, and now Ricoh; plus China?)

Plus we always issue a free photo-essay on the overall expo.

Be sure you have a Subscription so you can benefit from all the information and knowledge from 15 years of research by the FLAAR teams. is their web site, definitely worth visiting the printer and signage trade show.

FLAAR team at SGI Dubai 2014

Posted Jan 7, 2014

Lots of Chinese printer brands, scores of Chinese media brands, plus Korean, Japanese, Canadian and US brands of printers.

FLAAR Reports will be listing all distributors of the Middle East who are exhibiting, plus their products.

We will list every T-shirt printer, every wide-format textile printer, each and every UV-cured printer: both wide-format and desktop sized.

If you missed this year's expo in Dubai, for 2015 the trade show will be an even better date (mid-January 2015 instead of early January 2014).

Trends in New Inks & Technologies for Wide-Format Inkjet BEYOND CONVENTIONAL PRINTING

Posted April 2, 2014

The Printing & Publishing Group (Dubai) has invited Dr Nicholas Hellmuth (FLAAR Reports) to present the Keynote speech for their seminar on Beyond Conventional Printing.

April 9 (Wednesday morning), 2014, Le Meridien (Wasl Ballroom) Airport Road.

Also you can learn about 3D Printing Serices from Mr Richard Sanders and get fresh information on Digital Printing (Mr Phil Walsh, Kodak, UK). Contact Ms Roxanne Tandoc, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

SGI-Sign-Graphic-Imaging-Dubai-Middle-East-2014-uv-cured-printers-textile-inks-media-flatbed-cutters-prepare-for-exhibitor-list-2015 PRINT2
Invitation English
SGIA-2013-exhibitor-list-uv-cured-printers-textile-printers-inks-media-flatbed-cutters PRINT2
Invitation Arabic

In-depth information on the world of wide-format inkjet & signage trends is now available to you from FLAAR Reports 2014 Special offer for Distributors

Full TRENDs level Subscription is $36,000, and includes all Segments (glass, ceramics, textiles, signage, inks,media, cutters, etc).

Full Subscription, but not TRENDs level, includes signage, ink, media, cutters etc, and is $12K to $24K depending on how many subjects you ask for.

Several companies have asked for a lower priced introductory level opportunity, so we have this offer available for February and March 2014.

Introductory Offer: $4000, flat fee
Select from any 12 of the following 18 full-color FLAAR Reports
These cover D-PES (aka China Sign), plus Sign China (competing expo across the street), and LED China expo.

List price of all 18 reports is about
$9978, but if you are really interested,
we can perhaps be inspired
to send more than 12 titles for the
same $4000 introductory offer fee.
Plus you automatically receive the
general introductions.

If you sign up now (for any level of at least $4K), and cover the invoice this week, we will offer an in-person
discussion with Dr Nicholas during either of the two upcoming expos in Guangzhou.
If you are not at either Chinese expo, we can meet with you at FESPA in Munich.

Meetings, in person, would need to be for breakfast before the doors open or a meeting after the doors close
any day that we are not already booked. Only cost is the meal!

FLAAR Reports will produce three articles for GOA 2014 Miami

Posted Feb. 11, 2014

Dr Nicholas Hellmuth has written three short discussions for the Graphics of the Americas (GOA) conference program newspaper, ExpoNewZ – published for GOA by the OutputLinks Communications Group.

Be sure to watch for it on-site at the event and in the post-show mailed edition.---Printing on Textiles (offers more potential profit than signage on old-fashioned PVC)---Print in more than two dimensions (raised relief UV-cured, thermo formed, and full 3D)---Print on more than Paper (honeycomb, metal, glass, ceramics, etc)

Sign Istanbul opened last month in Turkey

Updated Dec 09, 2013, Nov 27, 2013. First posted Nov 25, 2013

We spent several hours inside the four halls back in Istanbul. November the 27th was the last set-up day.

Lots of after-market ink. More exhibitors of aluminum material than other expos. Major presence of Chinese brands of solvent and UV-cured printers. Plus most international brands of wide-format printers.

Plus the historical importance of Istanbul, Constantinoble. So it was worth visiting Istanbul for many reasons.

FLAAR has been attending Sign Istanbul since about 2006 or 2007. Plus we have attended two other competing printer expos in past years. But always Sign Istanbul is the largest, so when there is not time to attend every show in each country, we tend to focus on the largest one.

Two of us from FLAAR were flown to Istanbul by the organizers of the expo. FLAAR is also a consultant for Sign Middle East, APPPEXPO in Shanghai, and Sign Africa (in 2014 will be FESPA Africa co-located with AFRICA Print).

Printing on Ceramic Tiles: floor and wall tiles

Posted June 1, 2013

Two of us from FLAAR Reports are in Guangzhou, southern China, to attend the four day expo on glass. Lots and lots of new brands of printers for glass.

We are now preparing several FLAAR Reports on what we have discovered here. on the web page

We recommend visiting APPPEXPO 2013 in Shanghai this July

Posted February 2013

Every year we make sure to attend APPPEXPO in the summer. Even during the recent "DRUPA Year" we attended APPPEXPO 2012.

This is because you can see, experience, and learn about products at this July Shanghai expo which are not even visible at the other enjoyable Chinese expos.

For example: at one other Chinese expo there were only 6 manufacturers of media and substrates. A larger Chinese expo had 36 substrate manufacturers booths; a rival expo had 52. Yet at APPPEXPO 2012 in Shanghai we counted 160 exhibitors of media and substrates.

Thus we look forward to meeting you at APPPEXPO 2013, 10-13 July. If you are a printshop owner or manager, if you are a distributor, if you are a manufacturer, it is worth visiting this signage expo.

Now, starting this month, you can Subscribe to the FLAAR Reports.

This means you will receive each topic, including tips on TRENDs if desired, directly, from Nicholas Hellmuth's office.

For the past 14 years, the only way to get a new FLAAR Report was to look and try to find the PDFs. Now you can get anything and everything sent to you directly.

We have special offers for:

  • Distributors
  • Manufacturers
  • End-users (print shops)

Subscriptions for Distributors

If you are a distributor for printers, inks, media, cutters, RIP software or related wide-format inkjet workflow products, you can select what level of Subscription you wish.

You can also ask Dr. Hellmuth to help you figure out which Chinese trade shows to attend (and which are not worth attending).

You can hire FLAAR to assist you to discuss which brand of printer, after-market or OEM ink to select, which source for media and substrates, etc.

Subscriptions for Manufacturers

If you are a manufacturer it really helps for you to learn what is going on in the rest of the world. Even if you are able to attend the regional printer expos, or if you do, you are probably stuck in your booth. So it's tough for your key personnel to see what's happening behind the scenes elsewhere with inks media, printers, and cutters.

So now you can have a Subscription to keep track of what is going on.

Realize, there is no other web site, there is no other source with the experience, knowledge, reach, resources, and energy to recognize the pros and cons of different inks, substrates, printers, and other parts of the wide-format inkjet workflow.

FLAAR is unique, in part because we really enjoy providing a learning experience.

The information in the FLAAR Reports is not in our web pages; and the information in the TRENDs includes additonal information delivered in-person by Dr. Hellmuth (so you receive the full-color FLAAR Reports in electronic PDF format
PLUS you can speak directly to Nicholas via Skype, e-mail, or in person). In other words, if you have a Subscription you will be better able to compete.

Subscriptions for printshops

We provide information, assistance, tips, and knowledge for printshops large and small. Whether a major service provider or a family run business, whether a start-up or a third generation major printing company, whether a retirement business or a nationally known printing company, you will have an edge on your competitors if you learn the pros and cons of new printers
BEFORE you sink your money into an unproven technology.

Subscriptions for professional associations

If you are a trade organization, or trade show with members, you might wish to have all your
members receive the FLAAR Reports.

All levels of Subscriptions provide consulting
(when consulting is desired):

All levels of Subscriptions at $1200 and above provide consulting (no extra charges). The higher the level of Subscription, the more time you can ask for. At Subscription levels $3200 and above you can meet with Dr. Hellmuth in-person at international printer expos and ask your questions directly.

So you are not merely getting abundant information on all aspects of the workflow, PLUS, you can also ask questions directly to Dr. Nicholas and/or any members of his staff.

Price if you bought one by one: $51,546

Price if you bought by subject (all subjects together) $34,071

Price if you ask for a subscription $24,000
(can be paid quarterly)

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Most recently updated April 5, 2013.

Previously updated February 18, 2013; January 10, 2012

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